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Notes for e-mail administrators

Technical mail notes

The “ACCESSMY.EMAIL” mail exchange (MX) network will show warnings in your mail log/history to assist with resolving delivery issues. This is normal behaviour. 

Has your email attachment been blocked? Read more by visiting this link: Malicious e-mails

At all times it is assumed the administrator looking at this information understands the technical terms within this document and can perform diagnostics to check their own network issues.

Support requests

Normally limited to the network in our control and any issues that may exist on the external network is not part of our included support. If requested to perform diagnostic checks and assist with tasks beyond the “ACCESSMY.EMAIL” network then it will become chargeable at the standard technician hourly rate.

Contact if you believe you need assistance delivering mail to recipients on the “ACCESSMY.EMAIL” network. 

Information regarding the sender domain name and the “To:” mail address will assist with any support request. Additional information may be required to communicate further, telephone number and GMT hours of contact as different time zones may be encountered. 

Bulk Email / Mailing Lists

If your intention is to reach out to multiple email recipients with genuine products, services and/or updates, use a professional mass mailing service like that has an unsubscribe feature. This may be an inconvenience to you initially but to prevent spam and phishing scams the “ACCESSMY.EMAIL” network will reject “UNKNOWN-RECIPIENTS” as a valid destination.  

Having the right tools to reach multiple email recipients will save you and your business time and help your recipients trust your entity / brand. Please consult with your I.T. company or advisor regarding usage and setup of mass mailing services. 

Users sending emails of the same email item with recipient counts of 10 or more recipients is classed as mass mailing is not supported on the “ACCESSMY.EMAIL” network, detection of mass mailing delivery via our network will result in suspension of mail delivery for the offending domain until issues are resolved. 

RBL (Real-Time Black Listing)

RBL is a common issue for networks with blacklisted IP address, dynamic IP addressing and known (or victims of) malware/spamming programs. 

Please check this website before assuming any network is delivering mail as normal. Issues that may exist on any external network is not part of our standard services and will incur support charges if requested to assist beyond the “ACCESSMY.EMAIL” network.


For mail servers that behave according to Internet standards, your message will be delivered. However, your mail delivery may be initially delayed a few minutes.

Domain name not resolving

For mail servers that behave according to Internet standards, your message will be delivered. However, using a invalid domain name that cannot be resolved using standard DNS queries will fail as it does not exist and cannot be replied to.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

For mail servers that behave according to Internet standards, your message will be delivered. However, external networks using Sender Policy Framework DNS settings may not allow for mail forwarding and will produce an error stating xyz mail is not allowing to be delivered. 

*Forwarding mail is not recommended, consider using a mail fetch service to avoid delivery issues.

Discarded emails

Mail deliveries from known spamming or abusive senders will not be notified of failed/bounced deliveries.

SMTP client services

Only by application, the “ACCESSMY.EMAIL” network can offer SMTP relay and custom whitelist and blacklist services. 

*Monthly service costs apply.