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Internet service providers (NZ)

Below is a list of ISP’s in New Zealand if you need to you call your ISP for sales, account settings, and problems when they arise.

If you are communicating your issue with any company, no matter how frustrated you may be with your scenario the main goal is to create an outcome that works for you. Focus on the goal, and communicate to solve the issue (unforeseen perhaps) and it may require some time. 

Advisory for all ISP customers

99% of issues regarding internet connectivity is usually fault of the customers equipment (either supplied by the ISP or purchased separately), issues are generally resolved by re-powering your internet device / modem, the other 1% of issues are cables being cut by construction and civil works and even on occasion larger issues with the ISP service itself.

Lastly, consistently high 24/7 internet usage measured on the upload portion of your internet service has only two outcomes…

Someone on-premise is using the Internet connection to its maximum via peer-to-peer file sharing

If no one is aware of file sharing programs being used, then there is a high chance you will have a software issue with malware/viruses installed on a computer/s using the internet connection.

These items are not the responsibility of the ISP and will require attention by a technical person if you cannot resolve this issue yourself, otherwise while you pay a monthly fee to your ISP the internet will appear slow and unsatisfactory.




Customer service: 0800 800 123
Technical support: 0800 240 024

Email setup link:



Personal sales & service: 0800 800 021

Business sales: 0800 888 305
Business service: 0800 400 888

Email setup link:



Contact: 0800 022 022

Email setup link:



Contact: 0800 4477333 or

Email setup link:



Contact: 0800 862 337 or

Email setup link: None



Contact: 0800 131415

Email setup link:



Contact: 0800 87 87 87

Email setup link:



Contact: 0800 895 000 or

Email setup link:



Contact: 0800 640 840

Email setup link:



Contact: 0800 123 456

Email setup link:



If you are an ISP or a customer of an ISP you really like and would like your ISP details added, please use the CONTACT INFORMATION LINK and supply correct contact details, links to logo files and and social media links.

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