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Having Internet issues?

Issues with the internet

Perhaps only one computer or device is not connected but the other internet connected items are fine?

Computers, Notebooks (laptops), Televisions with Netflix, X-Box. Playstation and more are all internet connected items, testing any of these will prove if the internet is working on other items other than the device you are using.

Are you the only one having issues connecting to the internet?

Wireless check

Please check: Wireless (WiFi) network connection, is the wireless switch set on.

Are you able to turn off and back on your device's wireless connection?

I very glad this trouble-shooting tool helped you!

This tool was a effort to reduce the "I can't" effect expressed by many non-technical device users.

Daily life isn't getting simpler, it has become quite distracting in this digital age and with little problems scattered everywhere we consume a lot of our time on things less important, so go live life now with one less problem and please send me feedback if this tool helped you.

Job Booking

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Wireless, check security key

If you have a new modem or router with the wireless (WiFi) feature included, most likely solution will be to connect using the newly supplied security key it came with.

Has anyone changed the Wireless security key recently? Best to ask the other internet users using the same connection.

Check public internet websites to confirm things are working normally again.

The wireless key entered is correct and accepted, did I successfully connect to the internet?

Wireless checks done, still no internet action

So we have restarted the modem, found and confirmed the wireless key is correct and you still cannot connect... Thats not helpful

I think you will need some technical support to resolve this issue.

Wired Checks

To-do: Confirm that the ethernet cable is securely seated in the computer ethernet port and the modem or router.

Perhaps you have structured cabling in your building, twice the checks as two cables are used, one cable for computer to wall socket, and the second from patch-panel to modem or router.

Is my internet working via wired ethernet now?

Internet issues lately?

If you are unsure that recent connectivity issues are caused by devices not working or the actual internet service itself, I have provided a page dedicated to contacting your internet service provider (ISP) >> Click here

Within this link is all the social media connections each provider communicates regularly, things like internet outages and specials are often used to engage customers.

I am confident this is my device causing an issue, not the ISP service.

Please restart your modem or router now

How-to: Power off the internet modem or router by removing the mains power for 5 seconds, re-apply the mains power and wait two minutes.

Notes: Internet modems or routers less performance than most mobile phones today. As they are powered on for long periods of time, occationally these units overheat and more often when gaming, videos on demand and downloads are actioned.

I recommend most modems or routers be restarted once a month and if you are still having issues after this routine I would suggest getting a modem or router replacement sooner than later.

Have I restarted all my internet connected devices?


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