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General Internet Safety Tips

Keeping safe in the world of internet isn’t any different than saying “NO” to that door to door sales scam, only you can choose what to believe.

A little education can assist every internet user

Make a lasting dent against the free offers and links to claim prizes. Those inheritance Lawyers and Princes will have to waste more time else where.

Some easy pointers

Take a look at Netsafe NZ for current scam / malicious issues

Don’t click every internet link you receive in emails.

Don’t accept prompts to install software from strangers, Microsoft and other computer-related companies are not going to spontaneously call you directly to fix your computer.

Do your fact-finding first. If there is no telephone number or physical address associated with any service, stop or at least compare notes with a friend before going further.

Nothing is free so if it is too good to be true then consider what is in it for the other party? (Normally your private information and more!)