FileZilla Quick Guide

FileZilla Quick Guide

FileZilla as an application is very useful for connecting to remote file systems. If you are looking for general information on FileZilla, please visit the authors site: *To support the authors efforts to produce and maintain this software, consider

Windows – Quick restore file or folder items

A quick method to restore items from a Windows shared folder A feature called Windows Shadow Copy is a scheduled task within a Windows computer system that can capture recent copies of files and folders as changes occur to them,

SIP Mobile App – Bria

A basic guide for setup using a iPhone Note: The Bria soft-phone application does have a small re-occurring cost for using this software and does include SIP voice codecs for optimal mobile data use scenarios. Additionally, you will also need

Offsite Backup

What is an offsite backup? A copy of all the essential items you need to be kept offsite for any emergency, local onsite backups are fast and efficient but should always be paired with an offsite solution in case of

Computer problem solving

Computer problem solving

Solving odd computer problems can take a different approach You see something odd showing on the screen, and it might be a software tool you use every day but to you, it is not right. Sometimes, the oddity you’re experiencing could be

Support Downloads

Download the remote support tool for your support session Choose your computer system Download, run and tell the technicion what the ID number is and the randomly generated password this tool creates. Windows Download Apple Download Linux Download